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Sunny Essentials: Gone Fishing

Women are beautiful, dainty and smell of perfume but we also love to go fishing. Today’s women champion multitasking. It’s the art of looking glamorous while getting a little dirty, relaxing and enjoying fun under the sun. Fashion meets fishing rod.WordPress_Gone Fishing2

If you’re a woman or a fisherman (fisherwoman) you know there are some things in life that are essential. Then there are those sunny essentials. Those must-haves and go-to’s for summer enjoyment in the sun.

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Here’s a list of sunny essentials for the perfect fishing trip: 1) A good fishing rod. One that you are comfortable handling. 2) Fish bait and lures. My stepfather always used fresh liver for bait. Try it! The fish will be biting at the line in no time. 3) A tackle box. 4) Sunscreen and bug spray. Very essential. You won’t last long in the summer sun without these. 5) A comfortable hat. 6) Sunglasses. My personal favorites and must-haves are the Hilde sunglasses by Kate Spade. 7) Fashion for fishing!

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