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Watch the mother of a Benghazi victim thank the men who tried to save her son

Published on Sept 11, 2014

Benghazi Gate – Breaking Their Silence – Security Team Claims CIA Told Them To Wait – Pat Smith – Fox & Friends

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Phenomenal writing! I can relate to this style of imagery and analogy. The symbolism is strong and emotional. Outstanding.

writing in airplanes

Thank you to the e-zine Aberration Labyrinthfor including my poem journey in Issue #012.  Also thanks to my teacher, friend, and mentor Jim Reynolds, for your invaluable editorial suggestions on this poem, especially the ending. Listen:

The push of youth gives way to the pull of old age
its gravitational field weighing upon each step
in a struggle to stay upright

I look at myself in the mirror to see what is there:
a worn piece of shoe leather that has become my face
the lines telling of a journey taken without a map
the worn eyes that have gazed upon too much

There is less acuity of senses now
less feeling in the hands and legs
but some things are felt more
like the cold which even on a summer day
leaves me with a chill I imagine is
death’s coming attraction

Emotions grow less sudden but more…

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