Jasmine S. Washington
Columbia, Missouri

Bio: I am extremely versatile and also passionate. My objective is to absorb life, its experiences and all the knowledge it offers. Combined with passion and my creative and business insight I plan to conquer my individual goals while devoting my passion and drive equally. Currently I am a full time student at Moberly Area Community College completing my Associate's degree with a focus on History and Accounting. Previously I did attend the University of Missouri, Columbia seeking a technical degree to become certified in Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic) through the University Hospital and Clinics in '97. Since then I have returned to school at MACC and I also work as an office assistant at Boone County Dems Headquarters in Columbia. I have been with the Democratic National Committee since 2000 assisting the public with campaign details and literature. I also register voters and organize volunteers. I work to aide all U.S. city and state officials and Democratic candidates in a number of political arenas. As well as hands on tasks including phone banking, data entry, personal endorsement and processing of campaign literature for postal delivery to mailing lists, building yard signs and door to door canvasing. In June 2012 I founded Grassroots Susan G. Komen where I work as a Columbia, MO Affiliate fundraising to support breast cancer research and awareness. I also aspire to achieve fame and success in performance arts and dance as well as modeling (print/runway/commercial), television, photography and journalism. For more information about me personally along with my education and work experience please go to LinkedIn. linkedin.com/pub/jasmine-washington/50/270/b68

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