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6 of the Coolest Planters Ever

Here to inspire more gardening endeavors are six innovative planters that are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Check out the bloom-ready list here.

Self-Watering Herb Planter

Self-Watering Herb Planter


Try this idiot-proof Smart Herb Garden, which comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm, and waters and lights itself as often as needed.

Click and Grow ($100)



Railing Planter

Railing Planter


Window boxes are great. But checkout the oh-so-modern Greenbo railing planter. These brightly colored plastic containers slide onto any railing and feature UV fade protection and a hidden drainage system.

Ckie ($28)



Folding Planter

Folding Planter


One great truism is that, sooner or later, every plant outgrows its pot. Not so with the Fold Pot, a silicone rubber planter that unfurls to double its size.

Pizzolorusso ($87 for a three-piece set)




Address Planter

Address Planter


This one appeals to those who happen to live in a climate that’s mild year-round. Go for one of UrbanMettle’s succulent-planter house plaques. Consider it a shortcut to instant curb appeal.

Etsy ($325)



Composting Planter

Composting Planter


You compost. You garden. Why not marry your hobbies with the Terracotta Composting Garden Tower? Fill it with old food waste and grow up to 50 plants in the outside pockets.

Garden Tower Project ($269)



Dinosaur Planter

Dinosaur Planter


C’mon. These guys are just plain cute!

ShelterBlack ($28)

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