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Our Featured Presentation: The Problem with Gay

Homosexuality is a choice. It is a decision to act upon thoughts and/or feelings. Case in point…..have you ever been so angry at someone that you thought or felt like killing them? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that based on these thoughts and emotions if a person were to commit a murder that person made the choice to act? I don’t think anyone grows up thinking I want to be a murderer. And despite the fact that this can be a singular act it bears the same gravity that most any other life changing decision does. Homosexuality is a lifestyle. No one said life was easy. I can accept that a person is born and then never develops an attraction to the opposite sex. How a person decides to cope with that obstacle is undoubtedly a choice. The problem isn’t gay. The problem is when people refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. The problem is people who blame the world for having religious morals and standards, and the people who enable this blame game. People are born everyday into lives that are far more unsettling, depraved and horrific than the life of a homosexual. Since the beginning of time the world has never been a place that was freely accepting of any and every person or thing. Such is life. In my experience I have learned that you won’t get far in life if you won’t ever take ownership and responsibility for who you are and the actions you take, above all else. I think if the gay community as a whole embraced ownership as its first goal toward understanding and education the social climate around homosexuality would be quite different. However, I don’t think that would happen on a large scale within the gay community. With taking responsibility comes fear. Fear that once the crutch is taken away there will be less universal empathy for the once life burdened gay. The handicap card will be out of play leaving the gay community to face life’s obstacles on the same level playing field as the heterosexual world.


2 thoughts on “Our Featured Presentation: The Problem with Gay

  1. alexdekkers says:

    Thanks Jasmine for this comment. I totally agree with you that being homosexual is a choice like all our sins are a choice of ourselves. Gods word (the Bible) is very clear and true that it is a sin. This rules out that is something we are born with.

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