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Wal-Mart: Quality one-stop shopping?

I was at a local Supercenter shopping for body soap, deodorant and Cascade. In and out, right? Wrong. There was all this merchandise calling to me. And the prices, awesome! I nearly had a panic attack. lol Every time I walked down an aisle I cringed. I’m a budget business type lady. Trained against all marketing schemes. Honey, this is no market maneuver. This is quality one-stop shopping. I know, I know… I am a Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works loyalist myself. People, Wal-Mart has stepped up it’s game. The cutest panties. Two dollars plus tax. Ladies who like me will spend $10 to $15 or more (a lot more) on one pair of panties this is a God send. Numero uno reason why… That one week of the month where it’s touch and go. Oh no! A blunder. Damn, those panties were cute. But, but ladies, they were only $2. Chuck ’em!


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