Styles by Jasmine Washington

Welcome to my closet. Let’s get styling! Fashion for everyday and every occasion.

Magic Potion NO. 3 - Business attire browsing.

Magic Potion NO. 3 – Business attire browsing.

Business casual does not equal “business boring”. Trust me! These creme colored khaki flare (…or boot-cut) pants are a wardrobe necessity. Very versatile. One reason being that you can wear them any season. So sexy and sophisticated. Add the navy blue blouse with cropped sleeves and a bow tie collar for a comfortable professional look. The great thing about these pieces, the pants, the short sleeve blouse, the long sleeve black cardigan and the brown ribbed skirt—they are all interchangeable. In a business setting you should present professionalism in every aspect of your appearance. Jewelry should be classy, not over the top and flashy. These black sapphire earrings set in matching black with a lever back can go a long way. A beautiful antique style comb is a nice touch. The comb is a darkened black metalwork leaf with intricate carving that gives it great detail and texture. For the shoes I chose to highlight the versatility level when dressing for the office. This pair of chunky navy blue suede wedges with ankle bow is trendy, yet conservative enough. Animal prints can actually work as a neutral, so to speak. Meaning that almost any outfit or color will balance well with it. These shoes are a light tan with cheetah print and a 1.25″ heel. Both comfortable and feminine. Red is also one of those colors that can be the accent piece and will compliment most any outfit and color. Here I have a pair of red leather pumps with approximately a 2.5″ heel and bow. At the very bottom left you’ll see a front and back view of a pale gray peep toe pump with a 4″ heel. You can’t go wrong with a loafer heel. The brown leather trim, the white with geometric flower print in light pastels and the pastel orange toe strap with a brown leather and metal buckle overlay makes this shoe unique as well as classic. It has a 3.75″ block style heel which can make wearing them more comfortable than a taller thinner heel. Another great shoe for work is a nude colored pair of mary janes, also with a 3.75″ block style heel.


Boho Chic - Wear your free spirit on your sleeve, literally... Nonchalant sophistication. Exclusive, exotic, boho. Glam.

Boho Chic – Wear your free spirit on your sleeve, literally… Nonchalant sophistication. Exclusive, exotic, boho. Glam.

Here I’ve pulled together pieces that reflect traditional female sophistication and paired them with relaxed bohemian pieces. I chose a long ruffle pleated skirt in metallic. I found a great sleeveless metallic and soft golden brown leopard print turtleneck. The intricate metalwork necklace, bangle bracelet and delicate silver dangling earrings match perfectly. This look is all about mixing and matching so adding colorful statement pieces makes the outfit complete as well as sexy-chic. A chunky silver ring band with decorative metal scrollwork prongs clasping a dark amber gemstone is a fabulous accent piece. Using this color scheme against the metallic and silver gives the ensemble subtle flare. A 3″ – 3.5″ heel nude sandal blends boho with chic and sexy. For the lips a shade of deep blush lipstick is soft but also works well to highlight the color scheme. Throw on this shaggy salmon pink shoulder bag to really spruce things up. This burnt sienna fedora sun hat is just the right accent piece for a boho chic style. Last but not least, a pair of animal print square wide-rimmed sunglasses in a smoky salmon tint.


Strike A Pose - Red Carpet ready.

Strike A Pose – Red Carpet ready.

Step out for a charity gala, step out for the evening or just plain step on out wearing something confident, simple and sexy. A pair of black leather pumps with a metal stiletto heel says it all. This is a shear white silk camisole blouse with a black detailed floral leaf print. I’m partial to the colors black and blue…..they compliment each other so well. Pairing this camisole and heels with a powder blue geometric tiered mini-skirt gives the right amount of contrast as an accent piece. The purse is a small black leather clutch. A little eye candy around the neck, gold chandelier necklace, and a sleek gold wristwatch.


Coco Chanel


When I’m creating and styling my focal points are comfortable, simple and classy. Three words to live and die by. I have a very eclectic sense of style and you’ll get a sense of that as you view the looks that I create. I prefer to be a trendsetter, not so much trendy. As a fashionista it is my job, of course, to stay up to date with the latest trends. The key is to stay true to your own fashion sense. And have fun with your style. Don’t be afraid to try new looks or find your inspiration in those timeless fashion statements. To get regular fashion updates including hair, make-up, clothing, shoes and accessories follow me here or check me out on my official Facebook page “Jasmine Sumayyah”. –


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Styles by Jasmine Washington


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