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What Komen St. Louis Funding Can Do: Shereece’s Story

Komen Missouri Blog

Late last year, when 52-year-old Shereece Gardner discovered a lump in her breast during a self- exam, she immediately contacted Susan G. Komen® St. Louis.

Shereece Gardner (photo by Elizabeth White) Shereece Gardner (photo by Elizabeth White)

“I’ve participated in the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure for the past 11 years,” recalls Shereece. “At that point, everything I knew about breast cancer, I knew because of Susan G. Komen. So, I assumed they had the resources to point me in the right direction.”

After hearing about Shereece’s situation, a Komen St. Louis staff member referred her to the Breast HealthCare Center (BHCC) at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. With Komen St. Louis funding, the BHCC provides increased access to breast screening services, as well as education, prevention and early detection of breast cancer by providing screening and diagnostic mammograms.

During her first appointment, Shereece met with Theresa Taylor, an outreach coordinator at the BHCC. “I…

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