Autism, Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Child Neglect, Children
Daniel Pelka 07/15/07 - 03/03/12 (aged 4)

Daniel Pelka 07/15/07 – 03/03/12 (aged 4)

The Life of Daniel Pelka

I will be 36 this August and I want more than anything to have a child. Doctors don’t believe that there is any reason why I shouldn’t be able to conceive a child, it just hasn’t happened yet. Many a day it has been hard for me to go outside or watch TV because seeing people have what I wish for so dearly breaks my heart. Especially when they don’t appreciate what they have and you hear about tragic stories like this. I pray for strength from God because I know it is wrong to covet. Kids love me so much and that is a wonderful blessing. My niece just turned 8 and we are very very close. My sister also had a little boy who’ll be 2 in a couple weeks. It is the worst feeling to be jealous of my sister’s 2 beautiful children. It’s painful for me to see children neglected and abused to any degree. Just doesn’t make any sense.

In Daniel Pelka’s short life he suffered the worst possible atrocities at the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend. Daniel has autism. Although Daniel is very smart and a shy quiet little boy he is targeted for extreme abuse at home. This is his story…

Published on Nov 14, 2013

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